Worksheet In Excel Not Visible

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Worksheet In Excel Not Visible. Excel 2016 data not visible in worksheet, but visible in print preview one computer recently started having this problem. Press alt + f11 to open the visual basic editor.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced & Macros Quick Reference
Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced & Macros Quick Reference from

Your view might be slightly different if you have a different version, but the functionality is the same (unless otherwise noted). I can only view one worksheet at a time with a particular spreadsheet. Go to tools options, general tab.

Go to window arrange, and hit ok.

You might also want to hide the worksheet tab area altogether to prevent the user from navigating to different worksheets. Make the worksheet very hidden and visible with kutools for excel. Clicking on them will open the object in excel and when printing the data is visible, it's just not showing in word Don’t do unnecessary delay as this will lessen the possibility of complete excel worksheet data recovery. Not being proficient in macro/vba, i failed. By default, excel copies hidden or filtered cells in addition to visible cells.

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