Dna Replication Occurs During Which Phase

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Dna Replication Occurs During Which Phase. Dna replication occurs during the s phase of cell division. It is the second phase of the interphase, which follows the g 1 phase.

The cell cycle includes two basic phases interphase and
The cell cycle includes two basic phases interphase and from www.pinterest.com

Interphase occurs between cell divisions and is a necessary precursor step for cell division. The process of dna duplication is called dna replication. Chapter 42 s phase and dna replication.

Dna repli cation occurs in the s phase of the interphase.

Dna replication takes place during the s phase (synthesis phase). The replication has to occur in interphase so the cell will be ready to divide in mitosis. The d period refers to the stage between the end of dna replication and the splitting of the bacterial cell into two daughter cells. Solution for dna replication occurs during select an answer and submit. For keyboard navigation, use the up/down arrow keys to select an answer. Dna synthesis (or replication) occurs during this phase.

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