Class Dojo Growth Mindset Episode 4

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Class Dojo Growth Mindset Episode 4. Amazing video series by class dojo that helps your child understand and adopt a growth mindset. Classdojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.

A five episode video series that will change how your
A five episode video series that will change how your from

The mysterious world of neurons in episode 4, the. Growth mindset poster (hardcopy or pdf) can serve as an inspirational growth mindset manifesto.; She called this basic belief about intelligence “mindset.” in 2016, carol dweck’s lab at stanford, perts, partnered with classdojo to bring this important lesson to classrooms everywhere through a five episode video series.

In this five episode video series on growth mindset, two monsters named mojo and katie explore the different aspects of growth mindset so that teachers and students everywhere can learn about it together in their classrooms!

Above is the first video in the series which we watched and discussed as a group. Of course, fostering a growth mindset is important for anyone. Katie leads mojo on a journey to learn from the secrets of the brain from a mysterious guru. Printable, or recreate your own. Classdojo series 2, ep 2: Growth mindset what i can say to myself chart:

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